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The day I was eagerly looking forward finally came to reality. The CIO Delhi event organized by the CIOsynergy where top IT strategist in National Capital Region came under one roof for a day and brainstormed their opinion towards the future in technology landscape and discussed about ongoing problems and challenges with the great experienced host Sanjog Aul. There were also vendors who shared the way they could add value in resolving problems that are faced by the CIO’s.

The Prediction Panel

After the ice breaking session, event got started with a panel predicting what could happen in next 12 months, each of the panelists were give 60 seconds to describe and summarize the prediction by Sanjog and then the audience challenged it by giving their perspective. Finally, voting was conducted to select the best prediction. The three predictions given by panelists

  • Voice commanding will disrupt customer experience
  • AI + Machine learning will disrupt B2B help desk
  • AI + CRM will disrupt financial advisory industry

Highest votes were received by “Voice commanding will disrupt customer experience”

The Women in Technology Panel

The WIT panel discussion was another interesting session where everyone brought in their perspective to the statement given by the panelist. Common fact everyone agreed was that comparatively to men, women presence is less in the IT landscape, even though it has improved today comparatively to few years back. Then the discussion was about whether there are same opportunities for women comparatively to men, for which there were arguments from both the perspectives. Panel in concluding remarks said that if the flexibility is given, women in IT could be able to perform as good as men.


The CIO Panel

The CIO panel discussion was setup to understand the challenges faced today by CIO’s and to share thoughts on how they could be resolved. It was a cross learning session from each other. There were few major challenges came into the discussion.

Business buy-in Business buy in for investment and rollout of a technology change was considered as a major challenge by everyone. Starting from receiving the investment for the change and completing the project needs support and buy in from different stakeholders in the organization. There were few learnings came in from previous experiences

  • Working closely with the business to understand their perspective to on the ground problems rather than trying to inject the technologist’s perspective and provide business cases focusing those problems. Some of the experts have achieved great success by following this as an approach.
  • One another idea was, as business is highly demanding and wanting every solution yesterday, using agile approaches and keeping them engaged could reduce communication gaps.
  • Getting the top management more involved makes the below business layers cooperate more was another perspective to the resolving the problem.

Change Management Reluctant to change with the changing technology was another major problem that many participants were eager to discuss. Creating relationships with business teams is a major factor that could influence the change management according to many experts, giving constant feedback, getting into deep understanding about the business by working closely onsite with them, and business leadership buy in can resolve most of the problems in change management.


Product portfolio pipeline planning Product portfolio pipeline planning is another major challenge everyone was facing. Majority agreed the fact that CIO’s responsibility is not only resolving today’s problems but also making ready the organization for coming years. One major solution was setting up inhouse research labs where POC’s are conducted and keep looking in the market and competition to become the first follower if not the trend setter. Unfortunately, success of this cannot be measured until next five years arrive.


Information Security While technologies evolve and create opportunities, they could also create vulnerabilities for attackers who are waiting to misuse the technologies for their advantage. Creating security awareness among all people who access equipment’s and applications, constantly investing on precautions and training the trainer is few of the points that were discussed as solutions for the problem.

Technology value adds

To make the day more exciting there were sessions and demos by different technology innovators from different areas. Aryaka Global SD-WAN, DronaHQ, zscaler, SUNGARD availability services, gemalto and Fujitsu were some of them.

Two facts that hit my mind

  • The energy released by sun in a day is equal to what is consumed by earth in an year
  • 14% of the technology breakdown happen due to bad weather


All in all, it was an exciting event, a big thank you to CIO Events @CIOSynergy on behalf of NCR IT Leaders.


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