Millirobot with a talent for versatility of movement (Video)


There are many cases where technological innovations are inspired by the behavior of nature. This is an Extremely small robot (millirobot) developed by Researchers from Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems for helping doctors in conducting surgeries.

Its behavior has been inherited from insects such as beetle larvae, caterpillars and also jelly fish. It can walk, Crawl, roll over uneven terrain and swim in liquids. It also can grasp objects, transport them and deposit them at defined locations.

Millirobot was tested in synthetic surgical stomach model and in chicken meat tissue, where the tiny object demonstrated excellent results.

In future this Bot will take the medicine to the exact required location in the body to avoid any harm to other parts and this could be inserted into the body by swallowing or through a minor opening in the skin.

Metin Setti who is the director of the Physical Intelligence Department says “Without surgery, it is currently not possible to gain access to many areas of the body. Our objective is to make these regions accessible non-invasive using our soft millirobot to perform diagnosis and therapy,”

Those days are not faraway where Bot could perform small scale surgeries and provide great information on human body which were never possible without opening the skin.

Technology is a great tool. Intelligent people use it to benefit the world.

Raphel Shervon



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