Uplifting Technology Services

As shown in the picture, Ron Kaufman’s in his book uplifting service explains four ways your service is perceived by your customers. Applying same to Information Technology services gives a great view on different perspectives that needs to be given focus on long, medium and short term by technology service providers.

Primary Product

Primary product is what the technology service providers sell their customer as a commercial off the shelf product or a ground up development for the specific requirement. Sometimes it is not the company which develops the product that supports it. But the problems in the product are perceived as problems of the vendor who is supporting it or internal technology team as company which developed it moves out as soon as the project is completed.

Delivery System

Delivery system refers to how the features in the products or bug fixes get to the users. The time from requesting a feature to the time that is being deployed and received by the end user comes under the delivery system. End users might not be interested in the underlying technology whether it happens in continues delivery mode or not but the perception whether new features or bug fixes get delivered quick enough or not is one criteria for judging the service.

Service Mindset

Service mindset is something that doesn’t get enough attention in the technology world. Specially when it is internal IT teams supporting business teams. Service mindset is perceived by how a problem or a request is approached by IT teams. The attention that is given in face to face or virtual meetings and the way over demanding customers or business representatives are handled gives the perception on the service mindset. Sometimes perceptions are made on the way emails are sent and replied.

On going relationship

On going relationship refers to how well the previous interactions are used to optimize present and future work. Customer teams expect the vendor or internal technology teams to understand them better as the relationship mature. Customers expect at least repetitive problems to be resolved as soon as they are reported or even before they occur. For a better relationship each and every past interaction should be a learning for better future interactions.

Having understanding about above four areas can help to serve you external or internal customers better.

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