What happens when we die? Does it help if we are prepared?

There are two different perspectives to death one is spiritual the other is physical. According to most of the religions, death is a junction where we move between two chapters of our journey. Even though physical body becomes incapable of serving the “athma” that person’s total life will not end. Dr. Nina O’Connor, director of palliative care at the University of Pennsylvania Health System explains that physicians usually check for cardiac death (meaning the heart doesn’t function anymore) or brain death (electrical activities happening in the brain stops) in such cases legally life support is turned off because they have died says O’Connor.

 If a patient in the hospital is above to die what the doctors would do is try everything possible to make him live longer. Out of all senses hearing is the last one to go last “As people are drifting in and out of consciousness, we know they can hear voices, especially familiar voices,” says Dr. Nina. The process of massaging use to rescue patients at their last moments using medical instruments can be hurting and disturbing, I have heard many elderly people telling their children not to make them suffer with pain due to medical treatment at the last moment. Some I have seen would prefer to spend their last moment at home rather than in a hospital to make sure they experience a peaceful death. I have heard priest in the church saying that people have too much focus towards the hundred years they live but no focus on death and life after death which will be much longer in duration.

We spend lot of time in getting prepared for all most all-important activities such as exams, marriage, birthday parties and sports events to make sure we do well. The real question is do we spend enough time preparing for death. Is it a requirement that we spend time thinking and planning our death or is it something that we can handle in an impromptu manner?

Director of critical care and resuscitation research at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York City in a discussion with Live Science has said that there is anecdotal evidence that people whose hearts have stopped but are then restarted are able to describe accurate, verified accounts of what was happening around them.

It is difficult to conclude whether death is a subject that must be more and more discussed and studied for a peaceful death based on literature, but religious teaching says that conscious death can lead to better next life than an unconscious death. Peaceful death and a better next life would be the wish of everyone who believe in the next life.

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10 thoughts on “What happens when we die? Does it help if we are prepared?

  1. There is eternal life after death most religion believes that. Science pundits til today could not prove what eventually happens to the soul, which make people to belive what religious books are sayings.

    “I assure you, those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life.”
    —Jesus (John 5:24 NLT)

    1. Yeah correct. I was trying to generalize across religions that’s why I said between two chapters.

  2. As per science once we die that’s it. There is no after life. There is no going to heaven or rebirth after that. Once we die our life is terminated there.

    1. Correct and our existence happens by chance that’s what the scientists say there is no purpose for us to live

  3. Everyone is afraid of dying. We do our best to live as long as possible because we haven’t seen what will happen after that. Thats an unknown territory. But what if that is better than the life. Just a thought!

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